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The Maharashtra Medical Education & Research Center, Pune has established the Z. V. M. Unani Medical College & Hospital, in 1984 to provide professional education to the minority community to upgrade the status of education which will improve their standard of life & quality of education.
The Z.V.M. Unani Medical College & Hospital, Pune is approved by NCISM (National Commission For Indian System of Medicine), New Delhi and recognized by the Government of Maharashtra, and affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (Nashik) and to University of Pune. It is a grant-in-aid college for U.G. with an intake capacity of 60 B.U.M.S. students. The College is also conducting postgraduate and Ph.D. courses in following subjects.
P.G. (M.D. /M.S. ) Courses


Ph.D. Courses



This report provides a comprehensive overview of the establishment and progress of the Ph.D. department at Z.V.M. Unani Medical College & Hospital, Pune. The department’s journey began with the passing of Resolution No. 04 during the Governing Body Meeting on 23rd September 2021, paving the way for the college to apply for recognition as a Ph.D. centre.
In line with Direction No. 01/2020, page no. 03, clause no. 2.2 of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik the college was required to fulfil specific academic requirements to receive recognition for any Ph.D. program in concerned subject/ Department. A key condition was the presence of at least two Ph.D. qualified teachers. As of 19th May 2021, the college had two such qualified teachers, namely, Dr. A.H. Farooqui and Dr. Ayesha Fatema. With the qualified teachers in place, the college took the crucial step of sending a proposal to MUHS Nashik on 30th October 2021 to start Ph.D. course.
The LIC Committee, consisting of Dr. Asfiya Tarannum, Dr. M.T Ahsan from Dr. M.I.J Tibbia Unani Medical College and Hospital, 60, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (w), Mumbai 61, and Dr. Zubair Shaikh from Mohammadia Tibbia College and Assayer Hospital, Mansoora, Malegaon Dist. Nashik, played a crucial role in overseeing the department’s development. With the successful meeting of LIC, the college obtained the coveted status of a Ph.D. centre in the department of Moalijat on 28th April 2022, with an allocation of 6 seats for the Ph.D. program. Subsequently, Dr. Jaleel Ahmed was appointed as the Director of Ph.D. courses, responsible for overseeing the academic and administrative aspects of the program.
On 13th May 2022, the official notification for admission to the Ph.D. course was issued by MUHS, commencing the admission process. To select eligible candidates, MUHS conducted the Ph.D. Entrance Test (PET) on 28th August 2022. Around 9 to 13 candidates appeared for the exam. On 14th November 2022, the list of qualified candidates for the academic session 2022-23 was declared. Subsequently, allotment letters were issued on 3rd December 2022, inviting successful candidates to join the Ph.D. course. Dr Ayesha Fatema and Dr. Farooqui displayed keen interest in pursuing admission in the Ph.D. program and successfully qualified the PET exam. Subsequently, to fulfil the requirement of additional Ph.D. guides, a proposal was sent to the university, resulting in the approval of Dr. Ahmad Mahfooz and Dr. Mushtaque Mukaddam on dated 23rd December 2022. Additionally, the college sent more proposals of Ph.D. guides and received approvals of Dr Jaleel Ahmed, Dr Musarrat Nafees and Dr Shaikh Ejaz Parvez on 1st June 2022.
In adherence to MUHS guidelines, various committees were formed to ensure the smooth functioning of the Ph.D. course. Notably, the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) was established to guide the research activities of the scholars. The first RAC meeting took place on 31st July 2023, where scholars’ research topics and titles were thoroughly discussed, along with defining their aims and objectives. This meeting marks a significant milestone in guiding the scholars towards their research pursuits.
The establishment and progress of the Ph.D. department at Z.V.M. Unani Medical College & Hospital showcase commendable efforts by Mrs. Abeda Inamdar (President, MMER&C), Dr Arif Ali Mohammad Memon (Vice President, MMER&C), Dr Nazim Rafi Shaikh (Secretary, MMER&C), other management members, faculty, and committees involved. The department’s recognition and initiation of the Ph.D. course for the academic session 2022-23 signify promising prospects in producing high-quality research scholars. The continued support and dedication of the stakeholders are essential for the sustained growth and success of the Ph.D. program.
Under the chairmanship of Dr. Nazim Rafi Shaikh and Director Dr. Jaleel Ahmed and with other faculty members and experts, the department has conducted 7 meetings to date. These meetings have been instrumental in shaping the department’s vision and ensuring effective decision-making. Moreover, as per MUHS guidelines, the department must conduct 100 lectures throughout the Ph.D. course to enhance the scholars’ research acumen.
The Ph.D. department has diligently completed all necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining records of key developments. Looking ahead, the department anticipates the mid-month of August 2023 for the display of notifications regarding eligibility.


Note: For further reference, please find attached documents that include the list of conducted lectures, minutes and agenda of meetings, and other relevant data.

The College is situated in the heart of Pune Cantonment area in the eastern part of the city. It is connected to the M.G.Road at one end and Shankershet Road at the other. The College is just 3 Kms away from the Pune railway station, 1 Km away from Swargate Bus Station and is at walking distance from the Mahatma Gandhi Bus Stand, a central bus terminus of Pune Camp area for Pune Municipal Transport. It is also connected by rail & air to almost all the important cities of India. The city of Pune is called the Oxford of the East.